Fashion and Functionality for Moms

Mom Fashion

Becoming a new mom is a life changing experience but it’s also a sometimes confusing experience. For new moms, just like with every transition in life like getting married, graduating, starting a new job, moving to a new city etc it can be quite complicated acclimating to the new things and routines. A lot of things do change; you now have an extra human you have to carry around. Every outing that previously involved you stepping out your house while grabbing the keys now involves more planning.

You’ll need a stroller, check the car seat, carry all the baby supplies such as baby food and diapers. Second or third-time moms might be used to this and have a routine but dealing with toddlers in addition to a baby is not easier either. It’s no surprise that moms pay little attention to themselves or give too much thought to their fashion. They buy and wear clothes that are most convenient for breastfeeding, running around, bending over etc.

For the longest time, the clothing and accessory option for moms have been riddled with the lack of variety or fashionability. I mean the mom jeans which is a classic was seen as the poster child of how ugly mom fashion was. Moms needed and wanted a change. Savvy businesses and business people saw this need in the market and stepped up to fill it. Thanks to them lots of women and moms everywhere now have fashionable but functional clothing and accessory options. So what are some of these options out there and how can moms across the United States have access to them?


There’s been a lot of discussion on the topic of breastfeeding in public. To breastfeed or not in public is an ongoing social discussion as certain people are concerned with “exposure”. While it makes no sense to tell mom’s when and how to breastfeed their babies especially while magazines and the media are flooded with topless women for commercial purposes, that’s not what this is about.

Whether moms choose to breastfeed in public or not, they should have options that make the process very comfortable. There are a lot of options out there now made specifically for this purpose. One that has grabbed the attention of many moms, for the sheer fact that they are multi-functional are the multi-use covers, which help a mom to be covered while nursing, but also protect baby in many outdoor situations. Other moms have found these great options to aid them in being a little more private:

Shawl & Wrap Top

The shawl and wrap top can be found at Seraphine and a few other places. They come in a nice and soft fabric and can be worn in different styles. The wrap top can be worn and taken off easily and is not tight.

Breastfeeding Jumper

When you think breastfeeding jumper think easy on and easy off! It has great flexibility, is airy and also fashionable. What’s not to love?


The hoodie made specifically for breastfeeding has buttons in the front that are easy to clasp open and closed and the hoodies also have an inner lining that adds an extra padding. They come in a variety of colors and are comfortable and fashionable.

Breastfeeding Tank

The breastfeeding tank usually has a corset like design that gives a little cinch to the waist. This little detail makes it quite fashion forward and would fit well with a pair of jeans.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are back in style. While the media and fashion houses market it as a new trendy item for young girls the moms are the original fashionistas who knew that mom jeans were a gem all along. Foy young moms this is a wardrobe staple item that must be embraced. Besides their obvious fashionable qualities, mom jeans are easy to wear, easy to move around in, airy and very manageable.

For moms chasing toddlers around, carrying babies, bending to pick up toys, driving around on errands and school runs, the mom jeans is one of the best items wear. Stores now carry even more variety options with some mom jeans covered in embroidery, distressed, mid-length and tons of other options. Each mom can find a pair that shows their personality and sense of style.

With so many options now available in the market, moms can now combine fashion and functionality when it comes to their style. They don’t have to worry about losing their self in the process of raising a child. Though there’s a lot more that goes into not losing yourself while navigating motherhood, looking good a good step in the right direction.